Voices of Gotham Quartets

Voices of Gotham's affiliated quartets provide size, pricing, and service area options for barbershop harmony entertainment of the highest caliber for your special event. For more information on each quartet, please click on their photos in their bios below.

'Round Midnight

2017 BHS International Finalist; 2011 BHS Mid-Atlantic District Champion

Larry Bomback – Tenor
Wayne Grimmer – Lead
T.J. Carollo – Baritone
Jeff Glemboski – Bass

Contact: info@RoundMidnightQuartet.com


2019 BHS Mid-Atlantic District Champion

Nick Gordon – Tenor
Anthony Fortino – Lead
KJ McAleesejergins – Baritone
Christian O'Neill Diaz – Bass

Contact: midtownquartet@gmail.com


2017 BHS Mid-Atlantic Northern Division Champion; 2017 BHS Mid-Atlantic District Finalist

Max Mellman – Tenor
Alexander Ronneburg – Lead
Spencer Wight – Baritone
Richard Townsend – Bass

Contact: madhattanquartet@gmail.com

Park Slope Four

2017 & 2018 BHS Mid-Atlantic District Finalist

BJ Hillinck – Tenor
Alex McCoy – Lead
Rafi Hasib – Baritone
Braden Lynk – Bass

Contact: parkslopefour@gmail.com


Age of Flight

2018 BHS Mid-Atlantic District Finalist

Jeremy Weissmann – Tenor
Robbie Weber – Lead
Jude Thomas – Baritone
Ryan Brown – Bass

Contact: ageofflightqt@gmail.com

All of the Above

2018 BHS International Varsity Quartet Competitors

Nick Taber – Tenor
Eric Blum – Lead
Michael Berkson – Baritone
Harry Bickford – Bass

Contact: aotaquartet@gmail.com