Voices of Gotham Quartets

Voices of Gotham's affiliated quartets provide size, pricing, and service area options for barbershop harmony entertainment of the highest caliber for your special event. For more information on each quartet, please click on their photos in their bios below.

'Round Midnight

2015 BHS International Qualifier; 2013 BHS International Semi-Finalist; 2011 BHS Mid-Atlantic District Champion

Larry Bomback – Tenor
Wayne Grimmer – Lead
T.J. Carollo – Baritone
Jeff Glemboski – Bass

Gimme Four

2015 BHS International Qualifier; 2014 Second Place BHS Mid-Atlantic District Quartet; 2013 BHS Mid-Atlantic Northern Division Champion

Paul Franek – Tenor
David Ammirata – Lead
Joseph Servidio, Jr. – Baritone
William Downey – Bass

Frank the Dog

Frank the dog

2016 BHS International Qualifier; 2014 BHS International Semi-Finalist; 2013 BHS Mid-Atlantic District Quartet Champion

Tim Knapp – Tenor
Tom Halley – Lead
Brian Lindvall – Baritone
Steve Kirsch – Bass


2015 BHS International Qualifier; 2014 BHS Mid-Atlantic District Champion; Harmony Foundation Ensemble of Excellence

Matt Fellows – Tenor
Neil "Pookie" Dingle – Lead
Mike Pinto – Baritone
Ken White – Bass

On Tap

2014 BHS Mid-Atlantic Northern Division Champion; 2013 BHS Mid-Atlantic District Qualifier

Chris Granger – Tenor
Matt Saucier – Lead
Cy Wood – Baritone
Bryce A. Cooney – Bass

Black Tie Affair

2014 BHS Mid-Atlantic District Qualifier; 2013 BHS Mid-Atlantic District Collegiate Qualifier

Will Hartley – Tenor
Alex McCoy – Lead
John Maderazo – Baritone
Ryan Brown – Bass

For the Times

2015 Semi-Finalist (12th place), Mid-Atlantic District International Preliminary Quartet Contest

BJ Hillinck – Tenor
Rob Weber – Lead
Rafi Hasib – Baritone
Dylan Lupo – Bass

Flatiron Four

2010-2012 BHS Mid-Atlantic Northern Division Champion

Adam Bock – Tenor
Doug Goodenough – Lead
Brian Lindvall – Baritone
Braden Lynk – Bass