Thank you, Bill!

Bill Stauffer began directing Gotham in December 2014.

Bill Stauffer began directing Gotham in December 2014.

Three years ago, Bill Stauffer picked up the figurative baton and began his tenure as Director of Voices of Gotham. Following Larry Bomback's 2014 announcement that he would be stepping down as Gotham's musical leader, Bill began discussions with Gotham's musical leadership. By embracing traditions old and new, Bill outlined the goals we should have as an organization and the steps we would need to get there. Since then, he has led us to a Top 6 placement in the BHS International contest, our highest International and District scores date, and multiple self-produced shows, including "Lock and Ring", an educational seminar and concert showcasing the history an influence of barbershop music. 

From the very first conversation, what I had an inkling of was confirmed: that Voices of Gotham was an organization on an upward path to greatness. Now, over three years later, much of what I saw in potential has been realized, while there still remains so much more to come.
— Bill Stauffer

Within the last few weeks, Bill has been presented with an exciting new leadership opportunity at work and as decided to pursue it. This will require further time and focus that he feels will take away from the passion, energy, and dedication necessary for the chapter. This is a tremendous opportunity for him, and the chorus wishes him the absolute best with the new opportunity ahead. While Bill has chosen to resign as Director of Voices of Gotham, he has graciously agreed to stay on through the upcoming winter show.

Gotham remains the highlight—the pinnacle—of my Barbershop music experience. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed, and so hopeful for the continued success of Voices of Gotham.
— Bill Stauffer

As we prepare for our final concert of the year and our upcoming 10th anniversary year, we have formed a Director Search Committee tasked with selecting a musical leader to continue our upward trajectory. The committee, chaired by former President Braden Lynk, is accepting applicants now. If you are interested in directing Voices of Gotham, a top ten chorus and one of the most exciting music ensembles in New York City, please contact the Director Search Committee.

We wish Bill the absolute best in this exciting new chapter of his life. Live in the seventh!

Rafi Hasib
Voices of Gotham