Rafi Hasib


Rafi Hasib is a senior developer at a financial software company, where he writes tools to support build infrastructure and improve the developer experience.

A longtime musician and tech enthusiast, Rafi was first exposed to barbershop in high school, where he and his theatre friends would get together to learn songs off a cappella recordings and woodshed popular tunes in four-part harmony. He went on to the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University, studying electrical engineering, computer science, and music theory. While in school, he directed and arranged for multiple singing groups, as well as scored an original musical, "The Glee of Clubs".

As a lifetime member of the Barbershop Harmony Society, Rafi has performed in multiple quartets and choruses in the Mid-Atlantic District and currently serves on the Youth Council for the Society's Strategic Planning Committee. He regularly attends Harmony University to continue his barbershop training and is passionate about using barbershop to promote education, community, and well-being.

Since joining Voices of Gotham, he has contributed to the Marketing Team, Membership Team, and Music Team, where he has also served as Tenor Section Leader and Vice President of Music & Performance. He is excited to lead the chorus and honored to serve as President of Voices of Gotham.

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